Speaker Video Production At Hilton Orlando

Cain Watters & Associates hired our Orlando video production company to document a speaker session at the Hilton Orlando during the ASDA Conference. The conference event features items from the Hospitals & Medical Equipments industry such as Dental materials, Dental mechanical equipment and tools, Supporting materials for dental laboratories, Systems and tools for implant dentistry, and so on. CWA Partner Charles Loretto at the American Student Dental Association Leadership Conference, he gave his popular talk Why You Must Own in the Florida Ballroom to leaders. The lecture assists students considering careers in dentistry with their money when they become a new doctor.

Watch the Why You Must Own by Charles Loretto During the American Student Dental Association Leadership Conference at Hilton Orlando.


Thank you Cain Watters & Associates for hiring Lasting Blueprint to provide event video production services during the ASDA Orlando conference.

Event videographer shoots CWA Partner Charles Loretto speaking during a Hilton Orlando conference

Lasting Blueprint Productions are professional videographers. We specialize in event videography at Orange County venues like Hilton Orlando. Need an event videographer to shoot a presentation at Hilton Orlando or any Central Florida venue? Look no further than Lasting Blueprint. Contact us to hire our Orlando event video production company.