Testimonial Video Examples Done Right

The best customer testimonial videos revolve around building trust, credibility, and authenticity with people involved with your company. A great testimonial video promotes your brand! Before you watch customer testimonial video examples done right, here’s a quick guide.

Testimonial video example at an Orlando conference event.

What is a Customer Testimonial Video?

A customer testimonial video features a user sharing their experience with a product or service.

Why Do You Need Customer Testimonial Videos?

An awesome benefit of a testimonial video is building trust & credibility. The best testimonial videos will attract new customers. What better way to market your company than to have existing customers praise your brand? A good testimonial video is more effective than written reviews because it’s a real person. So, if you’ve read this and asking “What are some examples of testimonials?” Well, here you go!

Testimonial Video Examples to Learn From

  1. Hubspot Customer Testimonial
  2. Amazon Seller Testimonial
  3. Cengage Learning – Student Testimonial Video
  4. Alcon Client Testimonial Video
  5. The Landscape Show 2022
  6. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Employee Testimonials
  7. Ultimate Medical Academy Student Testimonial Video
  8. Living at Margaritaville Resort Orlando Testimonial
  9. Dropbox Customer Stories
  10. Realtor Testimonial

Hubspot Customer Testimonial


Even HubSpot, one of the biggest names in the digital marketing industry, sees the benefit in video testimonials. In this HubSpot testimonial video, Andrew Lindsay Senior VP, Corporate Development & Business Development discusses the benefits of zoom for businesses and how it helps to serve their customers better. The testimonial video features, their office, employees, and using the Platform Zoom within their office space.

Amazon Seller Testimonial


In this powerful customer testimonial video, Amazon sellers who have expanded their business using FBA share their thoughts.

Cengage Learning – Student Testimonial Video


College student testimonial video examples from the Phi Theta Kappa’s NerdNation annual convention. The event was held at one of the many Walt Disney Orlando venues the World Swan and Dolphin Resort. Our Orlando event video production company shot the student testimonials in front of a green screen background, students were asked what do you think is key to being successful in college? This is a type of testimonial video for school admission marketing in the digital age.

Alcon Client Testimonial Video


Hear from Alcon, an American Swiss medical company specializing in eye care products talk about how the rapid business modernization product by KPMG Powered Enterprise transformed their project.

The Landscape Show 2022 – Testimonial


Linda Adams, COO of Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA) shares what has made Orlando the key destination for the Landscape Show. The Landscape Show is a 3 day event held at the Orange County Convention Center for professionals in the nursery and landscape industry.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Employee Testimonials


In this employee testimonial video, Vertex Pharmaceuticals employees talk about the opportunities for growth and how they progress their career.

Student Testimonial Video


Ultimate Medical Academy graduates discuss when they were students the care and support they received while being busy parents, caretakers, and working adults.

Living at Margaritaville Resort Orlando Testimonial


The newest Margaritaville Resort Orlando residents Mary Jo & Donald share why people should move into the full time living residences. This customer testimonial video is more so like a sit-down interview. Very rare will you see the interviewee in a testimonial video, but for this one, you do. The Margaritaville Residences in Kissimmee, FL has 2- and 3-bedroom floorplans with endless entertainment all around.


In this testimonial example, you learn why leading companies like BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP, Dictionary.com, ThreadSuite, and Centric Projects use Dropbox Business. It’s a good testimonial video because they got stories from several satisfied customers. That is how to make an effective testimonial video. After watching this testimonial video example, you learn that Dropbox delivers a great service that can benefit anyone in any industry.

SmartZip.com –¬†Dana Hall-Bradley Lead Generation Realtor Testimonial


Our Orlando video production company produced this testimonial for SmartZip. SmartZip analytics is a national leader in predictive marketing solutions for the real estate agents, teams and brokers. This testimonial video features Orlando real estate agent Dana Hall-Bradley of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Fine Living. The realtor gives a great customer testimonial on SmartZip’s predictive analytics software.

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