VitaFlex Life Style With Bella Falconi

VitaFlex Life Style is a brand new and exciting wellness and fitness career endeavor that Brazilian fitness model Bella Falconi has decided to embark upon.


The Brazilian spokesmodel hired us to produce three workout videos. She will put the fitness videos on YouTube and her official Bella Falconi website.


Bella has an extreme love for fitness. She works out five days a week for 90 minutes each workout session. Her love and admiration for improving her body and mind through fitness was the inspiration behind the creation of the website. The objective behind VitaFlex is to provide tips on fitness, nutrition, health, wellness and lifestyle online. Also to give her readers work out techniques to integrate into their exercise regimen. The three videos each featured exercise work outs which were focused on training routines that Bella does for different parts of her body; the abs, legs, and upper body. The video project was shot at Gold’s Gym in the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando, Florida.

Below is a compilation of all three Bella Falconi fitness videos that you can watch.


Lasting Blueprint Productions wishes Bella Falconi good luck with her VitaFlex Life Style business.