3 Ways You Can Use Video For Small Business Marketing

Have you started maximizing the ways you can use video for small business marketing? If your answer to this question is yes, then congratulations are in order! If your answer is no, it is ok, because videos are not going to stop anytime soon. If you don’t care to make a video for your business, then just know this. Video is one of the biggest and surest ways of engaging your visitors to take action.


Here are three ways you can use video for small business marketing.


Company Overview Video

More than 64% of consumers find it very easy to understand a product and get to know the company better, when presented in a video format. Most people prefer watching content over reading because text doesn’t compel a lot of readers to take action fast and get the product or service that a company is offering. Videos alone can save you time and energy writing and trying to convince a consumer. A video that introduces your company, mission, customer service, and products can make your business stand out and make prospective buyers want to purchase a product and/or service from you. It is very beneficial to use video for small business marketing because it reveals how unique your business is and how serious you are with branding it. Have a look at one of the web videos that we produced for Common Bond Collaborative, a small business in Tampa, Florida.


Service or Product Video

Most buyers want to see products or services they’re interested in and through video, it can easily be done. Infact, 95% of consumers find video useful in researching what to buy and 93% totally agree that videos help them come to a decision on what they want. You can hire a video production company to produce a good web video which describes your services and products and how it is beneficial in 1-3 minutes. Believe us when we that using video for small business is a great idea because it will go a long way to help grow your marketing strategy. Have a quick look at this promo video that we produced for Orlando family law firm Nix LAW P.A.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Last but not least on our ways you can use video for small business marketing is to create testimonial videos. You’re giving prospective customers the assurance that your service, product, and brand is proven, trusted & respected. It is also very important to always include honest customer feedback in your videos. Ask customers to share their experience in using your service or products. Testimonial video production is one of the more effective marketing strategies. View this series of customer testimonial videos for Prima Eye Group from their 2015 Disney Meeting at the Grand Floridian Resort.


More Testimonial Videos

How you will use video will depend on your small business, but it is an essential way of engaging and educating customers about your product or service. At Lasting Blueprint Productions, shooting great small business videos is always our goal. We use our cinematic storytelling techniques to make a small business video that stands out. The demand for visual content in marketing will continue to skyrocket in 2015 and beyond. 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, and communication. If you’re one of those 7%, now is the right time to take action and start using video for small business marketing. How have you used video in the past? Do you understand the importance and many ways you can use video for small business marketing? Let us know your plans by leaving a comment below!