What Is Considered a Viral Video?

Viral videos have become a cultural phenomenon in the age of the internet. The concept of a video “going viral” has taken on a life of its own, from Britt Barbie videos to funny cat clips. But what precisely is a viral video, and what elements influence most viral videos? In this post, our Orlando video production company will explore into the realm of viral videos, discovering the factors that contribute to their success and examining the impact they have on our digital landscape.


Defining a Viral Video

Let’s begin with a simple definition before going into the complexities of viral videos. What is considered a viral video? A viral video is one that travels quickly and extensively through social media, email, and other online venues. In a short period of time, it normally receives a large number of views, likes, shares, and comments.

Key Characteristics of Viral Videos

Now that we’ve defined what a viral video is, let’s look at some of the major qualities that distinguish them in the digital realm:


  • Emotional Appeal: Most viral videos elicit powerful emotions. They might be heartwarming, hilarious, frightening, inspirational, or even contentious. Emotional content tends to resonate with viewers and encourages them to share the video.
  • Relatability: The best viral videos are relatable to a wide range of people. They address universal topics, experiences, or sentiments that individuals from many origins and cultures may understand and relate with.
  • Brief and Snappy: Most viral videos are brief, ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes. In today’s fast-paced online world, brevity is essential for attracting viewers’ attention and keeping them engaged.
  • Shareability: Viral videos are easy to share on social media platforms. They have share buttons that allow viewers to repost them with a simple click, making it easy for the content to spread.
  • Unexpected features: Top viral videos frequently contain unexpected or surprise features that catch viewers off guard. These can be plot twists, surprising humor, or uncommon events that capture your interest.
  • User-Generated Content: Many viral videos are made by ordinary individuals rather than professional content developers. This gives the article a more genuine and relatable feel.
  • Timeliness: Some viral videos are related to current events, trends, or difficulties, relying on the momentum of popular issues to generate traction.
  • Visual Appeal: High-quality visuals, inventive editing, and compelling cinematography can increase the likelihood that a video will go viral. Visually appealing content is more likely to be shared.
  • Interesting Titles and Thumbnails: A fascinating title and thumbnail image can significantly increase a video’s click-through rate. They should be interesting and relevant to the subject of the video.
  • Call to Action: A call to action is frequently included in viral videos, asking viewers to like, share, comment, or subscribe. This improves the visibility and reach of the video.


The Lifecycle of a Viral Video

Understanding the lifespan of trending viral videos today might help explain how these videos gain broad popularity: 

  • Creation: The creation of a viral video is the first step. Whether the content is a spontaneous occurrence caught on video or a perfectly planned production, it must have the ability to resonate with viewers.
  • Initial Sharing: Initially, the video is shared by the creator or a small number of people. Friends, family, or a small online group can all qualify. Influencers or celebrities may also play a role in kickstarting the sharing process in some circumstances.
  • Social Sharing: If the video resonates with the first viewers, they share it on their social media accounts. The primary driver of video virality is social sharing. As more people share it, the video’s reach grows dramatically.
  • Media Coverage: If a video develops enough traction, it may draw the attention of traditional media channels such as news organizations and talk shows. Media publicity can help it spread even farther.
  • Trending sites: Top viral videos today are easy to find. For example, you can easily view TikTok viral videos on their explore page. The same can be said about  YouTube and Twitter.
  • Parodies and Remixes: Successful viral videos may inspire parodies, remixes, and spin-off content, which can keep the original video in the public spotlight and contribute to its viral status.
  • Sustained Engagement: Maintaining viewer engagement is critical for a video’s long-term virality. To maintain interest, creators frequently respond to comments, interact with their audience, and provide follow-up content.



It’s important to recognize that viral success is primarily dependent on chance, even while creating a good and entertaining video is essential to increase the likelihood that your video goes viral. While following the best practices for professional video production can give you an advantage, virality cannot be predicted with certainty. However, even if your content doesn’t blow up, developing a loyal audience and using focused viral video marketing can be successful. Understanding the odds and investing in the correct resources and expert support can provide the best shot at going viral for individuals seeking internet prominence.



Viral videos have enormous cultural and economic implications in addition to offering entertainment and amusement:

  1. Cultural Phenomenon

    Viral videos frequently become cultural touchstones, impacting conversations, memes, and references in everyday life.

  2. Brand Promotion

    Businesses have seized on the popularity of viral videos by generating their own content or using existing viral trends for marketing objectives.

  3. Social Change

    Viral videos have helped to raise awareness about social concerns and mobilize support for numerous causes. They can be effective tools for lobbying and activism.

  4. Influencer Economy

    The success of viral videos has given rise to the influencer economy, in which individuals with significant online followings can monetize their material through sponsorships, products, and other means.

  5. Revenue Generation

    Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube give revenue-sharing opportunities to viral video makers, allowing them to earn money based on ad views and engagement.



Whether you want to begin producing viral videos on your own or with the help of a knowledgeable video production company, here are three ideas to get you started:

  1. Recognize your target market

    The key is to clearly define your target market. Adapt your material so that it speaks to them personally. Making ensuring your message resonates with their wants and desires will increase engagement and sharing.

  1. Keep up with industry trends

    A competitive advantage in creating a viral video is keeping up with current trends. You may produce material that remains pertinent, grabs users’ attention, and sparks greater interest by keeping an eye on what’s trending across multiple social media platforms.

  2. Add captions to your video content

    Including subtitles in your viral clips has a number of benefits. It improves accessibility for people with hearing loss or language-related challenges, enhancing the overall user experience and maybe boosting the viral potential of your video. Captions also make it easier to consume content while on the go, increasing viewer interest.


Image of viral video on YouTube trending page.


Viral videos continue to attract audiences and impact online culture in the ever-changing internet world. While the formula for making a viral video remains elusive and unexpected, some traits and methods might boost a video’s chances of going viral. Whether it’s a sweet moment, a humorous prank, or a thought-provoking message, viral videos have the power to connect people, promote ideas, and leave a lasting impression on the digital world. So have your camera handy—you never know when the next viral sensation will emerge.

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While creating a viral video is largely a gamble, using these tactics and strategies can improve your chances of success. Working with the appropriate video production team is essential for optimizing your content’s chances of viral views. Our Central Florida video production company, Lasting Blueprint Productions, has over a decade of experience in producing high-quality video content.