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Testimonial Video Production Services in Orlando, Florida

Our testimonial video production services vividly showcase the experiences of your happiest customers. The aim of our Orlando video production company is to authentically depict who your customers are and how they use your product.

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Why Are Testimonial Videos Important?

Effectively leveraging testimonial video production amplifies the sharing of positive customer experiences. A top-notch testimonial video exudes authenticity, skillfully narrating a compelling story while highlighting tangible results and benefits, surpassing the impact of written testimonials. With over a decade of industry experience, Lasting Blueprint Productions knows the vital role testimonial videos play in enhancing sales and marketing. Through our extensive experience, we’ve identified three essential factors critical for achieving testimonial success.



While written reviews are helpful, nothing beats a happy customer endorsing your product or service. When potential clients witness satisfied customers praising your offering, it can greatly sway their decision-making. When customers are eager to share their firsthand experiences, it adds credibility and authenticity to your brand, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.


Videos are often more memorable than text, resonating deeply with audiences. Customer testimonials, whether written or filmed, wield significant influence over bounce and conversion rates. They serve as potent tools of social proof and genuine feedback, fostering trust and credibility among potential customers, ultimately driving higher levels of engagement and retention rates.


An exceptional testimonial video not only captivates and fosters trust but also serves as a valuable educational asset. Through these videos, customers share their insights, addressing common queries, alleviating doubts, and exemplifying professionalism. Ultimately, they enlighten and reassure prospective customers about the merits of your product or service.

Female sitting in front of green screen background giving a customer testimonial.

What is a testimonial video?

A testimonial video is a filmed statement from a current or former customer, describing their experience with a product or service, including its benefits, performance, quality, and value. In addition to capturing the customer’s perspective, the best testimonial videos provide background information on the business challenge, helping viewers understand the context behind the recommendation. These videos typically include interview footage and B-roll to enhance storytelling. B-roll refers to any additional video footage that is secondary to your primary content. When producing video testimonials, there needs to be a balance between being informative and relaxed. While prepared interview questions and follow-ups are valuable for ensuring key points are covered, creating a comfortable environment for the interviewee is crucial to ensure authenticity and a natural delivery that resonates with the audience. Ultimately, the better your brand feels authentic, the stronger it is.

Why are video testimonials so effective?

Video testimonials serve as powerful tools to establish credibility and foster trust among potential customers, particularly during the sales process. Research, including our own, indicates that people are more inclined to trust the opinions of other customers rather than promotional content from businesses themselves. These testimonials offer authentic endorsements of a brand, product, or service, presenting engaging narratives that cultivate relatability and forge emotional connections with viewers.

What sets video testimonials apart from written ones?

While written testimonials and positive reviews are impactful in their own right, video testimonials often surpass them in effectiveness. Video testimonials have the unique ability to convey human emotion and relatability in a way that written text cannot replicate. Through visual and auditory cues, viewers can establish a deeper connection with the person delivering the testimonial, akin to a personal conversation. Additionally, video testimonials are typically shorter and more digestible, ensuring viewer engagement and minimizing distractions.

What elements contribute to a compelling testimonial video?

A compelling testimonial video captures the essence of a customer’s experience with a product or service, resonating with authenticity and visual appeal. Authenticity is paramount, as viewers can discern if the testimonial feels scripted or overly coached. The video should highlight key insights from the customer’s story, such as how the product enhanced their life, resolved a challenge, or impacted their business or personal endeavors. By focusing on these pivotal moments, a testimonial video can effectively convey the value proposition and impact of the offering.


Lasting Blueprint is Your Testimonial Video Production Company

At Lasting Blueprint, we specialize in crafting authentic and impactful testimonial videos. Witness the firsthand impact of customer testimonials as we capture stories that captivate potential customers and turn leads into conversions. Experience our testimonial videography in action and discover what sets our productions apart from the rest.

Testimonial Video Examples

Explore our portfolio to view client testimonials produced by Lasting Blueprint. These examples showcase the authenticity and effectiveness of our testimonial video productions, providing inspiration for your next project.



Why Peer-to-Peer Marketing Works

Consider these statistics:

  • According to Dimensional Research, 90% of buyers who read positive customer success content claimed that it influenced their purchasing decisions.
  • Buffer reports that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media compared to other content types.
  • A study by Demand Gen Report found that 97% of B2B buyers consider user-generated content, like peer reviews and user forums, more credible than other types of content.
  • According to Nielsen, 70% of people are likely to trust recommendations from strangers.

BTS photo of a female optometrist doing a customer testimonial video At Grand Floridian Resort.

Why Lasting Blueprint Productions?

We’ll make sure you feel at ease with us for your testimonial video. We understand being on camera can be tough, but we’ve got you covered! We use humor to lighten the mood and encourage authenticity. Trust us to deliver a top-notch video in a supportive environment. We handle everything from planning to editing. However, if you have your own editor, we can provide raw footage upon request. Lasting Blueprint Productions knows how to make your testimonial video shine. Our videographer is friendly and easy to work with, ensuring a stress-free experience.


Man doing a customer testimonial video during conference for Bert Rodgers Schools.

FAQs about Testimonial Video Productions

How much does customer testimonial video production cost?

The cost of customer testimonial video production depends on several factors, including the number of testimonials, filming location, and editing services required.

What is the typical duration for creating a testimonial video?

The production time for a testimonial video varies depending on factors such as the setting, number of participants, and overall complexity. While some videos may require more extensive planning and coordination, others can be produced more efficiently.

Do you provide guidance for clients on preparing for a customer testimonial video shoot?

Certainly, we provide a variety of resources that you can share with clients to assist them in preparing for their participation in a customer testimonial video.

How many testimonial videos should I have?

We recommend having multiple testimonial videos, with at least three being very helpful for showcasing customer experiences. The number may vary based on your needs and preferences.

How long should the testimonial video be?

We recommend testimonial videos to be approximately one to two minutes in length, but the ideal duration may vary depending on your audience and content requirements. Longer videos may be suitable for in-depth narratives, while shorter ones are more shareable on social media.

How can I find customers to feature in a testimonial video?

As for identifying suitable customers to feature in the video, it’s essential to select individuals with compelling stories that align with your brand. Begin by leveraging existing relationships and feedback. Consult with your customer support and sales teams to identify enthusiastic customers who are eager to share positive experiences. Additionally, review client reviews as they often highlight satisfied customers who can offer valuable testimonials.

So do you need testimonial video services? Begin working with our Orlando videographer on a customer testimonial video now!

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