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About Us

Who We Are?

Lasting Blueprint, an Orlando-based video production company, is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise certified by the State of Florida. We specialize in innovative visual storytelling, ensuring artistic development for all projects.

Our Skills

Why Choose Lasting Blueprint As Your Orlando Video Production Company?

The Reason

We’re an extremely motivated video production company who work vigorously to create the best possible work for all clients. Video services that produce high-quality content can have a significant competitive advantage for clients because they can turn heads of people who ordinarily would not have glanced in their direction.

The Approach

When it comes to our approach, we like the “storytelling” one. After all, stories allow us to lean about the world and provide us with things to root for. They take us out of the comfort zone we’ve enclosed ourselves in, giving us a chance to come up with innovative ways of getting things done. It lets us reach for things that actually mean something; to ensure the topic comes to life.

Our Orlando video production Company strives for perfection with each client. We know how important it is to have a unique and relevant message strategy. We use our wide array of experience to develop a message strategy that’s best for your business. We feel it’s important to mix the creative pot to come up with important stories that say what you want for your business.

Basic principles of creative storytelling is how Lasting Blueprint Productions connects with all audiences. We use our client’s goals and our resourcefulness to develop an eye-popping, attention-grabbing, informative and positive message. Our team works hard to ensure that we produce videos that make a difference. We want the viewer engagement to feel the emotion and lead to an emotional response.

The Result

We are much more than an ordinary video production company, we are visionaries. For clients, we engage customers using video. Lasting Blueprint Productions welcomes all clients with open arms to help make the impossible, possible! We have the desire and drive to make those video production dreams and goals come to life for you.

Meet the Founder

Leon Bailey


Leon and his professional attitude puts his clients at ease when in front of the camera.

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