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A Professional Orlando Video Production Company

Our Videography Approach

Unlock the full potential of visual storytelling with our full service video production. From concept to creation, our team of creative Florida videographers will bring your ideas to life on the screen. Whether it’s a corporate promo or engaging conference event, we deliver excellence in every frame. Orlando video production company, Lasting Blueprint has years of experience using cinematic techniques. Attaching a camera to a tripod and pressing record is not the way.


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Best Professional Video Production Services In Orlando, Florida

Hiring the right videographer is vital. Content is king and online marketing is an effective strategy for your business. With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine, content is essential for your digital marketing strategy. Lasting Blueprint will exceed your needs. Lasting Blueprint like many other Orlando video production companies provide a variety of professional video services such as interviews, green screen, editing, camera crews, and more. Through the art of storytelling we will make your brands story actually mean something with our cinematic style. Whether a videographer or multi camera crew is required, our freelance videographers are ready to deliver your ideas. With our knowledge and skill for different shooting techniques, we will tell a good story for you.

Orlando video production company shooting sit-down interview

Video Production

Corporate, event, testimonial, training, brand, and educational content are a few types of professional video production services that Lasting Blueprint offers. From tiny film crews to extensive multi-camera shoots.


Orlando video production company shooting event videography.

Event Video Production Services

Our video production services vary from a single event videographer to a full onsite camera crew. Some of our event videography services include B-roll footage, speaking sessions, interviews, and a highlight video recap.


Orlando Videographer Video Editing In Office

Video Editing

Our professional video editing services enhance your raw footage. We meticulously arrange clips, add effects, optimize audio, and refine visuals, creating a polished final product that captivates your audience.


Videography Examples

Explore our video production services for a glimpse of our expertise. Experience what sets us apart. That way, next time someone asks you for a videographer, you will already know who to recommend as one of the best video production companies in Orlando.

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Professional Videographers in Orlando You Can Trust

Beth Pettis
Beth Pettis
It was a pleasure to work with Lasting Blueprint. From the beginning, Leon was quick to respond, polite, and professional. He was very patient with our church members and made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. We would recommend this company to anyone in need of video production services.
David Jenkins
David Jenkins
I had an incredible experience with Lasting Blueprint Productions! From start to finish, they exceeded all expectations. Their team was highly professional, attentive, and truly passionate about their craft. The quality of the final product was outstanding, and they captured every special moment perfectly.The communication throughout the entire process was top-notch, and they were always open to incorporating our ideas and preferences. The attention to detail and creativity they brought to our project was commendable.I can’t recommend Lasting Blueprint Productions enough for anyone looking to preserve their precious memories in the most beautiful and artistic way. If you want exceptional service and a stunning end result, look no further!Thank you, Lasting Blueprint Productions, for creating a keepsake that we will cherish forever. You are the best in the business!
Bella Da Silva
Bella Da Silva
Leon was such a pleasure to work with. I hired him to take pictures of me for 4 hours at Epcot for my 21st birthday. He was so professional yet friendly. Wish him all the best!
DJs Destinations
DJs Destinations
We're more than pleased with Lasting Blueprint Productions. The company does all of the video editing for our travel agency in a quick and timely manner. We would absolutely recommend them for any professional video production needs any day of the week.
Ervin Luis Hechavarria
Ervin Luis Hechavarria
Awesome work, reliable and great person to work with
alecia carpenter
alecia carpenter
This work is phenomenal! Very professional and prompt delivery of the product. Leon is a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable of his profession and a has exceeded all my expectations on both of the projects I have worked with him on. HIGHLY recommend.
Patrick Mathern
Patrick Mathern
It was a rare pleasure to be able to work with Lasting Blueprint. From the point at which I requested a quote, they were quick to respond, highly knowledgeable, and very professional all the way through project completion. I requested several quotes from their competition and Lasting Blueprint was priced comparably, but the level of service was over the top. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of video production services.
Yasmen Katrina Events
Yasmen Katrina Events
It's always a pleasure to work with Lasting Blueprint Productions. They conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, I would highly recommend Lasting Blueprint Productions to anyone wanting high quality work.
Real Living Real Estate Solutions
Real Living Real Estate Solutions
Amazing Footage! High Quality! Professional! Easy! Exceptional Customer Service! From planning to post production, Leon with Lasting Blueprint Productions was available and able to handle all of our requests. We were blown away from his quality of work and efficiency. 100% Satisfaction!
Jonathan Jenkins
Jonathan Jenkins
Lasting Blueprint Productions produced my first music video for the promotion of my mixtape project. They were an extremely professional Orlando video production company and very pleasant and easy to work with! For any artist out there looking for a music video, I definitely highly recommend Lasting Blueprint to do your music video production.

#1 Video Production Company in Orlando, Florida

Orlando video production company shooting groundbreaking ceremony event.

Our persistent dedication to storytelling brilliance distinguishes our video creation. To create visually appealing storytelling, we combine creativity, cutting-edge technology, and a thorough understanding of client needs. We bring your idea to life in ways that resonate and engage, thanks to our established track record of achieving outcomes. We provide a wide range of video production services in Orange County, Florida and take satisfaction in exceeding client expectations on every project we undertake, including:

Business Videos

Brand Videos


CEO Profiles

Highlight Reels

Conference Videos

Corporate Videos

Demo Videos

Trade Show Production


Educational Videos

Employee Profile Videos

Entertainment Projects

Product Videography

Explainer Videos

Financial Services Videos

Fundraising Videos

Testimonial Video Production

Green Screen Shoots

Industrial Videos

Instructional Videos

Live Event Coverage

Groundbreaking Ceremony Coverage

Marketing Video Production

Annual Meetings

Multi-Camera Shoots

Drone Videography

Product Launches

Promo Videos

Recruitment Videos

Sizzle Reels

Training Videos

Healthcare Videos


Convention Production

Sit-down Interviews

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Why Choose Our Orlando Video Production Company?

When you search for a professional Orlando videographer and click us, you might ask “why should we hire you”? You need visual content that will give your target audience a great experience. Each project is unique to us and we’ll be there for you every step. Our videography services strive to give positive customer experiences and that makes us one of the best video production companies in Central Florida.

Serving our clients is what our full service video production is all about. From small business to large business, you can trust Lasting Blueprint. Give our local videographers the opportunity to show you that we’re the best Central Florida video production company for creating branded content.

Need a professional videographer in Orlando, Florida? Please Contact us and tell us your ideas so we can send our best videography quote! Lasting Blueprint would love to hear from you so we can send our top videographer to create magic for your business. Get started!

Orlando Video Production shooting b-roll At Orange County Convention Center Exhibit Hall.Orlando video production company filming man speaking in group session at Caribe Royale conference.



Frequently Asked Questions About Video Production Services

What Is Digital Video Production?

Digital video production is the process of creating and editing video content using digital technology. It involves tasks such as shooting, editing, adding effects, and post-production. This method offers flexibility, efficiency, and a range of creative possibilities, contributing to the production of engaging and visually appealing videos for various purposes.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Video?

The cost of making a video varies widely depending on factors like video length, complexity, production quality, location, equipment, editing, and more. Simple videos can cost a few hundred dollars, while high-end productions can exceed tens of thousands. It’s best to get a tailored quote from production professionals.

How Do I Select The Best Video Production Company?

To choose the best video production company, assess their portfolio, expertise in your industry, creative capabilities, client reviews, and past work quality. Consider their communication, understanding of your vision, and budget alignment. Request proposals, discuss project details, and choose a videography company that aligns with your needs and goals.

What Cities Or Countries Do You Cover?

Our Orlando video production company primarily focuses on Central Florida, but we’re available for videography jobs throughout the state, USA, and world.


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