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Conference Video Production to Wow Your Audience

Preparing for an Orlando conference and need video coverage of the big event? Elevate your event with professional conference video production tailored to your business needs. Make your event more memorable with our top-notch conference videography services! If you understand the importance of hiring a professional conference videographer but find it intimidating, rest assured that our Orlando video production company makes the process easier. Contact Lasting Blueprint to ensure your event shines with proper planning and the right Orlando conference video production company.

Conference video production of attendees watching speaker presentation at Rosen Centre Hotel.

How to Leverage it

There are numerous ways to utilize professionally produced videos to support your conference.

Keynote Speakers

Since the highlight of most conferences is the keynote speaker, we suggest using video to introduce them or to start the presentation.

Panel Discussions

Capturing panel discussions can be particularly beneficial if your conference video will be shared with those unable to attend. You’ll need the right equipment for audio and visual recording of both the panel guests and attendees asking questions. Having microphones and seating plans will ensure the panel is not disrupted by a confused camera crew.

All-women panel discussion at cxEnergy conference video production

Booth Video Production

If you have a booth, we recommend playing a video on loop without sound on a flat screen to attract attendees.


Incorporating face-to-face interviews into conference videos enables direct interaction with attendees, providing valuable insights into their event experience and product usage. These testimonials from customers serve as potent marketing assets, whether gathered spontaneously or through structured interviews. You can opt for staff-led questioning or our facilitation. At Lasting Blueprint Productions, we specialize in creating impactful testimonial videos. Take a look at the example below.


Bonus tip: Plan these interviews in advance to ensure the interviewee is prepared, and that you have the necessary equipment to capture audio and time allocated for filming between events.

Product Demonstrations

If you sell products, live event videos can effectively showcase their features and benefits. Filming these as part of a presentation or in a trade-show setting is effective for marketing purposes. Video product demonstrations are crucial for sales, with 76% of consumers claiming to have made a purchase after watching a product video.

Attendees And Award Ceremonies

There are numerous ways to utilize professionally produced videos to support your participation in conferences and events. For user or customer events, we recommend showcasing a video before the event to boost attendance. This video should emphasize the benefits of attending and introduce speakers who may be of interest to the attendees.

Highlight Videos

An event highlight video effectively captures the essence of the conference experience, offering valuable insight for those who couldn’t attend. Furthermore, it is an effective instrument for influencing future chances. You may also use this film the next year to promote and build enthusiasm for the upcoming conference event. Our conference highlight videos are tailored for a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, your website, and any streaming channel of your choice. Here is an example of a highlight video that we can create for your conference event.


Maximize the Benefits

While creating a video of your conference is an excellent method to document the event, there are additional steps you can take to ensure you extract the most value from your investment before, during, and after filming.

Share with Clients and Recruiters

A great strategy to extend the utility of your event video is by sharing it with existing clients, potential employees, and recruiters.

Displaying your company in action demonstrates your commitment to industry growth, which can attract individuals eager to be part of your organization. Sharing your values and company culture serves as an effective method to allure high-level talent and assists recruiters in identifying prospective candidates.

Market and Distribute Across Channels

Repurpose the highlight videos from your event across your marketing channels to generate additional content. Share clips on social media platforms, extract quotes from speakers for emails, or upload the completed event video to your YouTube channel. This approach ensures consistent brand marketing and significantly amplifies exposure for the one-time investment in the video and production crew.


Conference video production at Disney's Grand Floridian Convention Center.

As Orlando conference videographers, we’ve filmed events in various venues across the city. Here is a list of some of them.

Conference Attendees Laughing At Disney's Yacht Club Convention Center

In summary, Lasting Blueprint Productions offers skilled conference video production services to capture the excitement of your event and ensure accessibility for all viewers. With expertise in live event coverage and various video packages, we can accommodate conferences of any size. Contact us to discuss how we can help make your next event a success!


View our demo reel:



Videography Services

Interested in conference video production? Please, don’t hesitate to contact Lasting Blueprint Productions. We offer conference event videography packages tailored to your needs. Reach out to us and discover how our conference videographer can capture your next Orlando event.

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