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Professional Promotional Video Production Services In Orlando, Florida

Looking for a business promo video to help you increase the impact of your brand? Lasting Blueprint, an Orlando video production company, is the ultimate way to accomplish this. Our goal is to create the perfect promotional video production for your business.


Dedicated to excellence, our creative promotional video production services excel in crafting impactful media that not only hits your message objectives with precision but also evokes smiles and perhaps a hint of emotion. A promo video that allows you to successfully reach your target market online. We have created many promo videos for companies in Central Florida. Our Orlando videographer knows how to make a great promotional video and always strive to deliver something more for our clients. Build brand exposure by utilizing our promotional video services.

What is a Promotional Video?

A promo video is a brief audiovisual work produced to market and promote a given commodity, service, occasion, or notion. It usually lasts a few seconds to a few minutes and seeks to inform and engage the target audience by emphasizing key characteristics or benefits that will spark their attention and motivate them to take action. Typically, television commercials last for 15, 30, or 60 seconds. While coming up with ideas for promotional videos, time limits are not a concern. A promo video is made to increase awareness of your business, a new venture, a cause you care about, a product offering, or strategies to boost sales. Whatever you decide, effective promotional video content should have the following qualities:

  • Creates an emotional connection with your target demographic.
  • Messaging is not overly detailed and is simple to understand.
  • Short engaging content.
  • An effective call to action.

In today’s environment, with so much social media and news, everyone competes for the attention of their target audience. Our Orlando promo video company, understands how to make your message heard without adding to the noise.

Bella Falconi working out during a promotional video production at Orlando fitness fym


Promotional video production holds utmost importance for presenting products, services, or brand narratives with compelling visuals. It captures attention, conveys messages concisely, and enhances engagement, enabling businesses to broaden their reach, connect deeply with audiences, and drive conversions effectively.

Promo videos illuminate various facets:

And more

Companies, understandably, have a high demand for promo videography. A top-tier promotional video has the potential to exceed messaging objectives, leaving audiences moved and inspired. A promo video combines shameless self-promotion with celebratory depictions of a company’s essence and team accomplishments, fostering awareness, action, and tangible results.

law firm promo video by orlando videographer


Addressing Current Employees

A corporate promotional video is an excellent way to communicate new processes, programs, or internal resources to employees through informative training videos; it also provides an opportunity to recognize those individuals who are setting the company’s standards and consistently exceeding performance expectations.

Speaking to Diverse Audiences

You represent more than just your products or services. Through corporate promotional videos, you can encapsulate your company and its personnel in an indelible and emotive snapshot tailored to your intended audience, whether they are potential talents, consumers, staff members, stakeholders, or clients.

Recruiting Customers

Use corporate promotional or branded videos to condense your value proposition into a simple, memorable visual encounter. This platform allows you to precisely articulate your company’s narrative and convey a flawless message to guide business outcomes.

Targeting Recruitment Efforts

The current business landscape is marked by fierce competition for highly skilled personnel, which is especially important for those in human resources. Our corporate video enterprise empowers you to steer the conversation through recruitment videos, allowing these videos to challenge preconceptions. Reimagine your company’s presentation to entice the most exceptional and brilliant emerging talents, reshaping the talent acquisition paradigm.



Most companies do not have a promotional videographer on staff. Some businesses attempt to create promotional video content on their cell phones. Newsflash! Nobody can do everything. Using a professional promotional video company not only reduces your team’s effort, but also gives you access to fascinating promo videos and top-tier corporate video production services that are not only compelling, but also polished, leaving your audiences speechless.



There is an increasing demand for making a promo video in the corporate world. Let’s look at some interesting statistics:

Long-form video advertising have a 93% completion rate.
– When compared to text and image material combined, social video produces 1200% higher shares.


The Lasting Blueprint Difference

When you work with our promo video production company, we can oversee all aspects of the creation process, allowing you to execute a successful video marketing campaign. Our promo videographer creates and produces polished marketing videos that offer your brand a distinct voice and engage a wide audience, ranging from inventive corporate promos and dramatic sizzle reels to full documentaries, video adverts, and explainer videos.

Types Of Promo Video Services We Offer

Video For Social Media
Company Overview Videos
Trade Show Videos
Brand Videos
Product Videos
Highlight Videos
Corporate Videos
Testimonial Videos
Recruitment Videos
How To Videos
Culture Videos
Event Videos

Promotional Video Production Examples




Creating a promo video will raise brand awareness and give your business the adrenaline rush you’re looking for. It will also expand customer loyalty, which is ultimately should be one of your biggest strategies to increase sales. Using a promotional video making service will accomplish everything you want in business. Lasting Blueprint Productions will deliver results. We are conveniently located in Orlando, FL and can connect over the phone or meet in person to understand your organization and aid with promo videography. Begin your promotional video production journey.


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