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 Training Video Production

Our Orlando video production company specializes in creating customized training videos tailored to meet your business’s specific needs. Our strategy prioritizes clear communication of key concepts, offering significant advantages over traditional lecture-based methods. Instructional videos provide a warm welcome for new hires and valuable guidance to improve performance, enhancing the skills and productivity of seasoned employees.

Producing training videos offers notable cost efficiencies compared to traditional methods, leveraging the preference for video content amid shorter attention spans and increased distractions. Video-based training, with its capacity for repeated viewings, enhances retention and reduces the need for repetitive presentations.

Five Benefits of Training Videography:

  • Simplifies management’s need to repeatedly present information.
  • Clearly explains operations and procedures.
  • Decreases training complexity.
  • Facilitates repeated viewings for learners, enhancing retention and reducing the need for repetitive presentations.
  • Maintains uniform standards.

Selecting a corporate training video production company with unique expertise is essential, as video is a natural fit for training. It’s crucial to find a partner that can craft educational content aligned with your vision.

First Aid Safety Training

Given its seamless integration with training, selecting a corporate training video production company with distinctive expertise in crafting educational content aligned with your vision is crucial. The leading training video production companies will engage in collaborative efforts to devise a comprehensive plan tailored precisely to your requirements. When evaluating potential partners, posing the following pivotal questions is prudent:

  • Does the video production company provide a clear schedule, budget, and timeline with well-defined milestones?
  • Do they demonstrate a thorough understanding of your training objectives and how the video will be utilized?
  • Can the agency provide examples of past educational and training video projects?
  • Do they have experience implementing various training video approaches?
  • Does their proposal align with your vision and expectations?

By asking these questions, you can ensure that you choose a partner who can effectively bring your training video project to life.

Training video production at Margaritaville Resort Orlando.

Real people telling real stories: Peer-to-peer marketing at its best, especially with customer testimonial videos. According to Forrester Research, 75% of employees are more inclined to watch a video than to read text. Hosting video training is often less expensive than conducting on-site trainings, making it a cost-effective solution. Video content can be accessed anywhere at the viewer’s convenience, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. Studies show that employees retain information better through video formats. Training videos allow companies to offer on-demand training, ensuring consistent learning experiences throughout the organization.

Who do we produce training content for?

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Educational institutions (both K-12 and higher education)
  • Corporate training programs
  • Informal learning initiatives (e.g., community workshops, online tutorials)

Types of Training Videos Your Company Needs

Lasting Blueprint Productions, LLC collaborates with a diverse range of organizations, spanning from charities to corporations, to create bespoke corporate training videos. Explore our comprehensive guide to various training video production types, ensuring you select the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Demonstration
  • Mandatory Training
  • Medical Training
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Online Training
  • Orientation
  • Presenter
  • Product Training
  • Professional Development
  • Scenario-Based
  • Screencast
  • Soft Skills
  • Staff Training
  • Technical Training


Need A Training Videographer In Orlando That You Can Trust?

Beth Pettis
Beth Pettis
It was a pleasure to work with Lasting Blueprint. From the beginning, Leon was quick to respond, polite, and professional. He was very patient with our church members and made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. We would recommend this company to anyone in need of video production services.
David Jenkins
David Jenkins
I had an incredible experience with Lasting Blueprint Productions! From start to finish, they exceeded all expectations. Their team was highly professional, attentive, and truly passionate about their craft. The quality of the final product was outstanding, and they captured every special moment perfectly. The communication throughout the entire process was top-notch, and they were always open to incorporating our ideas and preferences. The attention to detail and creativity they brought to our project was commendable. I can’t recommend Lasting Blueprint Productions enough for anyone looking to preserve their precious memories in the most beautiful and artistic way. If you want exceptional service and a stunning end result, look no further! Thank you, Lasting Blueprint Productions, for creating a keepsake that we will cherish forever. You are the best in the business!
Bella Da Silva
Bella Da Silva
Leon was such a pleasure to work with. I hired him to take pictures of me for 4 hours at Epcot for my 21st birthday. He was so professional yet friendly. Wish him all the best!
DJs Destinations
DJs Destinations
We're more than pleased with Lasting Blueprint Productions. The company does all of the video editing for our travel agency in a quick and timely manner. We would absolutely recommend them for any professional video production needs any day of the week.
Ervin Luis Hechavarria
Ervin Luis Hechavarria
Awesome work, reliable and great person to work with
alecia carpenter
alecia carpenter
This work is phenomenal! Very professional and prompt delivery of the product. Leon is a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable of his profession and a has exceeded all my expectations on both of the projects I have worked with him on. HIGHLY recommend.
Patrick Mathern
Patrick Mathern
It was a rare pleasure to be able to work with Lasting Blueprint. From the point at which I requested a quote, they were quick to respond, highly knowledgeable, and very professional all the way through project completion. I requested several quotes from their competition and Lasting Blueprint was priced comparably, but the level of service was over the top. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of video production services.
Yasmen Katrina Events
Yasmen Katrina Events
It's always a pleasure to work with Lasting Blueprint Productions. They conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, I would highly recommend Lasting Blueprint Productions to anyone wanting high quality work.
Real Living Real Estate Solutions
Real Living Real Estate Solutions
Amazing Footage! High Quality! Professional! Easy! Exceptional Customer Service! From planning to post production, Leon with Lasting Blueprint Productions was available and able to handle all of our requests. We were blown away from his quality of work and efficiency. 100% Satisfaction!
Jonathan Jenkins
Jonathan Jenkins
Lasting Blueprint Productions produced my first music video for the promotion of my mixtape project. They were an extremely professional Orlando video production company and very pleasant and easy to work with! For any artist out there looking for a music video, I definitely highly recommend Lasting Blueprint to do your music video production.

Explore the expertise of Lasting Blueprint, a reputable video production company serving businesses, the public sector, and charities.

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