5 Types of Promotional Videos for Business

Promotional videos for business are important due to today’s fast paced world of internet marketing. It’s one of the most best ways to attract new customers and keep existing ones. Stats show that 78% of people watch video online weekly. Promo videos bring a visual voice to your marketing activities.

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Here are 5 types of promotional videos for business growth.


1. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a reliable way to build trust with potential customers. It is capable of turning a potential client into a lifelong customer. Most people probably depend on others’ validation before trusting a product and service. Written testimonials on a website are less useful because people are weary of it’s authenticity. A testimonial video will show past customers being real. Potential customers will watch the success stories with their own eyes and are now swayed.

2. Case Study Videos

A case study video is a more elaborate version of a testimonial. Case studies features a customer’s story in an engaging way. Your customer will explain true value of how your product or service has helped them. Almost all written case studies are too long and probably too technical for the average consumer. You can communicate your message in 5 minutes or less with a creative case study video.

3. Product Videos

There’s no better way to showcase a product and service idea than video. Buyers are skeptical about features or capabilities and want to see the product in action. When you have a killer product video to show, you’ll probably make them believers.

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4. Training Videos

In class training sessions can be costly, time-consuming, and flat out boring. Training videos make it easy for people to get the knowledge they need. In addition, another benefit of training videos is that you won’t need to repeat the training. All you need to do is share it again and you’ll be getting your message across. Training videos will teach, inform, and improve the performance of your company.

5. Company Overview

Last on our list of 5 types of promotional videos for business A company overview video increases brand awareness. If your company does not have an about us video yet, then you are missing out on easy marketing. Many internet users skip long text. With a company overview video, you are able to tell your visitors what your business is about without wasting their time. The best company about us videos will leave a lasting impression. The video could be as short as 60 seconds, but no longer than 5 minutes because you don’t want to lose the viewer. Important members of your company should all feature in the company overview video. The most important factor is to keep your company overview video genuine and entertaining. Do not pretend to be something you are not. Most of all, show off your great company culture in the about us video!

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In conclusion, those 5 types of promotional videos for business are a few ideas to do. There are plenty more promo video ideas out there and this is just the beginning. In fact, a few promo video ideas are probably in your head already. Well, now is the best time to start making those ideas happen! Scout for video production companies near you. The best promotional videos will improve your brand. The return on investment you’ll get from a promo video is worth it. Thank you for reading our 5 promotional videos for business blog post. We’d love to hear your thoughts!