Bella Falconi VitaFlex Life Style

Bella Falconi, a well-known Brazilian fitness model, has embarked on an exciting new wellness and fitness career with VitaFlex Life Style. This brand-new enterprise aims to transform the fitness industry by leveraging Bella’s knowledge and passion for health to educate and motivate others to achieve their wellness objectives. Bella offers her extensive experience and vibrant energy to this endeavor, ensuring a transformative journey for everyone who joins her.


The Brazilian spokesmodel hired our Orlando video production company to create three workout videos, each of which focused on a different part of her fitness routine. These videos, which will exhibit her competence in various activities, will be uploaded to her YouTube page and prominently displayed on her official Bella Falconi website. By posting these videos, she hopes to provide her fans with useful fitness content, allowing them to implement beneficial workout strategies into their own routines.


Bella Falconi has a deep passion for fitness, working out five days a week for 90 minutes per session. Her passion for fitness inspired her to develop the VitaFlex website, which aims to provide complete advise on numerous elements of wellness such as fitness, nutrition, health, and lifestyle. The three videos on the site focus on exercises targeting different body parts: abs, legs, and upper body. The video project, shot by our Orlando videographer, took place at Gold’s Gym.


Lasting Blueprint Productions wishes Bella Falconi luck with VitaFlex Life Style. We’re confident her dynamic approach will inspire healthier lifestyles. We’re proud to provide her with our promo videography services, support her journey, and anticipate her positive impact on the wellness industry.