Benefits Of A Good Music Video Production

Music video production is a service all artist’s can use. A good music video will help you reach higher career feats! There are so many great artists out there making music. You have to stand out from the pack. You need to have eye catching visuals so people will they keep an eye on you. It doesn’t matter how big your genre might be. You still need to have a music video production business shoot a music video for your. It will show the world how much you care about your brand. Now we’ll explain the benefits of a good music video production to you.


Online Video Sharing

The world’s second biggest search engine with over 1 billion unique people watching over 6 billion hours of content monthly. In a nutshell, people watch music videos all the time! Some call YouTube the new radio as it’s the most popular tool to find new music. You would be going about your career the wrong way if you depend solely on online music distribution to promote your music. Especially with YouTube being such a large video-sharing website.


Viral Video
Have a top local music video videographer in your area produce your content. There’s always a chance that it can go viral with the right music video marketing campaign ideas. When people share with friends via social media, your video gains exposure. An increase in sales, streams, downloads, and bookings can happen too! How to make your video go viral? It all depends on a few key factors The quality, the song, and the promo. If you hire a music video production company to direct, you both have to come up with a unique concept.

Music Video Production is NOT a DIY Project!

Yes, HD cameras are cheaper than they have ever been. However, it doesn’t mean you should buy cheap video production equipment at your nearest retail store. You don’t want your green friend to shoot your music video. There is much more to the process. You have pre-production, script writing, casting, and location scouting. After the shoot there is post-production. While there are many free video editing software programs out there to choose from. Let me let you in on a little secret. Nothing beats a pro! Hire a good camera crew and director that will see your vision and bring it to life. Your career is your life, so don’t be frugal! Read this blog post, How Much Does it Cost to Make a Music Video? That should assist you with getting a music video budget prepared. You don’t want to have a bad music video out there. It can hurt your brand. A good music video director will know what’s best for you. Trust in the process.


What Can I Do in a Music Video?

There are many things that can be done in a music video. The options are endless. Send the music video producers the song that you want a visual of. They can help come up with a gripping story to bring the song to life. We believe that the best music videos are linked to a song’s lyrics. Think about it for a second. If your song is about falling in love with the first woman you saw at the library, but the video is shot at your local club in the VIP. Do you think that will make sense? Not at all! That idea does not work and we would not shoot a music video like that. By working with the right music video director. They will guide you along the way to best present your music.  A good creative team will acquire info from you and create a great plan. Not sure how to pick from one of the top music production companies in your area? Here’s a tip. Just do a simple Google search or even watch music videos on YouTube of local artists. If you see something you like, find out the music video company behind it. What we advise you not to do, is to go the cheap music video production route and shoot it yourself!

Those are just a few reasons why you would need a music video production. As we mentioned before. You cannot solely depend on online audio distribution platforms such as iTunes and SoundCloud. If someone heard your single from the said platforms, they will search for your music videos. People want to see visuals for songs they like, so it’s on you to have one for them to watch. Whether it’s an EPK promo, a live show, or a full length music video. Your songs need to have an HD broadcast ready music video. How you market your brand in the end defines your career success. Never forget that!


What did you think? Did we explain to you the benefits of a good music video production? Please let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!